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Company Pictures
antminer s17E 64T
price($): 1660-1880
Whatsminer M21s 54-58T
price($): 980-1280
Whatsminer  M20s 65T/68T
price($): 920-1160
Whatsminer M20s 68T
price($): 950-1180
Antminer S17-53TH/s
price($): 760-960
Antminer S17-56TH/s
price($): 760-960
Antminer S17 Pro-50TH/s
price($): 800-1160
Antminer S17 Pro-53TH/s
price($): 950-1180
antminer S9i/j 14.5T with PSU
price($): 58-108
antminer S9 14T with PSU
price($): 58-108
innosilicon S11 20T
price($): 138-218
antminer L3++ 580MH/S
price($): 38-58
innosilicon T2turbo 28-30T
price($): 138-218
Antminer S15-28TH/s
price($): 138-218
watsminer m1
price($): 50-68
Used whatsminer m3
price($): 50-70
Used antminer s9
price($): 100-150
About us
Bit-King will be Your Trustable Partner in China!

Shenzhen Torelegant Technology Co., Ltd.   founded in 2012, has 7 years of experience in alibaba's foreign trade service of electronic products. Bit-King Brand belongs to Torelegant Group and focus on Crypto currency Mining machine supplies. We are specialized in Crypto currency coins Mining machine, ASIC mining hardware , Graphic Card , Mining power supply, Mining accessory, etc.

Bit-King Multiple business mode to ensure the best and efficient services for our customers.   We offer professional products recommending, customizing, purchasing, inspection and shipping services to worldwide etc.

Torelegant has developed rapidly in the last 7 years. Today all of our customers are located all over the world. They established a long-term cooperation relationship with us. With our company experience cumulative & good network relationship , Torelegant can be quickly touch the Best Source & get the good support always covered over the top suppliers in China Enterprise & Industry .

We promise to compete for the first and first time product resources for you. Superior price, quality service, responsible after-sales, is your best choice.

Torelegant technology, dedicated to your service, welcome old miner friends, WeChat or call consulting MEIKING manager: 13802318133.