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BTC (Bitcoin) Mining Tutorial


There are kinds of Bitcoin miner machine,we will take Antminer S9 as an example to display how to mine Bitcoin in F2Pool.

At the beginning,you should prepare some necessary equipments:antminer S9,power supply, power lines, and a miner-managing PC(which will be in the same LAN network with your Bitcoin miner machine)

I.  After installing the miner and switching on the power, the miner automatically allocates an IP address. First check up the miner’s IP address by the following simple method.

  1. Open the router’s management address in your browser (available in the label attached to thespecification or router), and find out the IP address of latest accessing device, namely the IP ofthe latest accessing miner. There are a wide variety of routers, following roughly similar principles.

  2. Using antminer IPReporter (different miner machine matches different IPRepoter software,so your should confirm it clearly). Open this client,and click “start”,then press the “IP Reporter” button 1 second。After a while,your miner’s IP will be shown on the client.

II.  Check whether the miner’s IP and the PC’s are within same network segment. For instance,168.1.1 of PC and of miner in combination indicates both are within a samenetwork segment, while of PC and of miner in combination indicates the two are located in separate network segments.

In the former case where both are within same network segment, continue the following steps straightforward.

In the latter case where the two are located in separate network segments, first go over the subsequent Step III and then continue the below steps.

  1. Open your browser, input the IP address of miner pinpointed above into the address bar in your browser and press Enter, so that a window for identity verification would pop up. Default user name and password are both “root”. Click on “Login” after entering them.img

  2. After login find “Miner Configuration/General Settings” and set three separate mining pools.URL: Fill in the mining address: stratum+tcp://, stratum+tcp:// (See the following figure). Connect automatically to pool 2 if the address of pool 1 is out of connection.

Worker: Create a worker name in the format: user_name.digit(s) or lowercase(s) (Where the user name is the one filled in during the registration at F2Pool).

Password: Worker password (set at will).

After setting the pools, click on “Save & Apply” at the bottom right corner.


3. Start running roughly dozens of seconds later. Real-time status of miners is available at “Miner Status”. On noticing that all indicators are normal, you can wait to harvest coins.


III. In the case where the miner and PC are located in separate network segments, the miner background would be inaccessible, so the miner has to be relocated into our network segment prior to Step II. Take an example in which the existing network segment is whereas the miner’s network segment is

  1. Access the router and change into the same network segment as the miner’s.img

  2. Access the miner backstage at after rebooting the router. Change the miner intoour previous network segment, and click on “Save & Apply” at the bottom right corner after the modification.

  3. Re-access the router and change the temporary network segment back into the original network segment, so that the miner’s IP changes into

IV. Read through the following if you need to set other items. Else stop at Step IV.

  1. Frequency setting:img

  2. Network setting:img

  3. Network diagnosis:

Input the accessed mining address in the address bar of Ping, and click on “Ping” to get the result of diagnosis. No packet loss and low time consumption are indicative of satisfactory networking status.