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LTC (Litecoin) Mining Tutorial


I, Preparation work

  • Register an account on F2Pool official website ( and set your own user name.

  • L3+/L3++ miner machine

  • One power supply

  • Some powerlines and network line cables

  • Download the IP reporter software:IPReporter

  • About Litecoin Wallet, you can use COBO Wallet ( to create a wallet address to receive mining revenue.

II, Installation and setup

1.Assemble your miner machine.Please make sure the network line cable and power lines of L3+/L3++ are connected correctly; please make sure that both the power lines of the hash board and the control board are connected correctly.


2. Searching IP: Power on your miner and the power indicator starts to flash. At this point, the miner’s IP mode is DHCP (automatically obtain IP).

On another computer in the same LAN (referred to as “Management PC”), download the IP reporter software. After unzipping, double-click the “IPReporter” client in the folder, and then click “Start” as shown below:


Press the “IP reporter” button on the front of the miner and release it after 1s. At this time, an IP will pop up on the “IPReporter” client; this IP is the your miner’s IP address.

009.png3. Enter the miner management backstage. On the “management PC”, open the browser, enter the IP found above, and enter the account information in the dialog box that pops up. The username and password are both “root” and click “Sign in”.

4. Setting mining parameters : please set the mining pool URL and worker in “Miner Configuration/General Settings”.

URL:Fill in the mining pool address : stratum+tcp://, stratum+tcp:// When the “Pool1” connection fails, the miner automatically connects to “Pool2”.

Worker:Fill in the user name registered on F2Pool official website, and fill in a worker name after the user name to distinguish different miners. The user name and the worker name are separated by an English dot “.” or an underline “_”. The format is as follows: user_name.woker_name

Password: worker’s password (fill in at random).


After completing the above settings, click on “Save & Apply” in the lower right corner and start mining. After a few minutes, you can view the mining status in “Miner status”, including the time of mining, the hashrates, and the details of each hash board, etc.

III, Monitoring the hashrate and revenue on F2Pool official website

Log in to F2Pool website ( In the upper right corner of the account’s home page, click on the “BTC” icon and select “LTC” from the drop-down menu to see Litecoin’s hashrate and mining revenue.


In addition, you can add the LTC wallet address in “Account Settings” -> “Payment Settings ” to receive mining revenue.