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AION Mining Tutorial


AION, introduced new security pattern, with fair and representative encryption economic incentive system, is the blockchain of General 3. And it is supported to mine by NIVIDIA card miner under Linux system.

Here is an outline of mining AION by GPU card.

1. Obtain wallet address

Option 1: Full node walletDownload the full node wallet through the link: (Windows version)。

Option 2: Exchange

For now, Binance has completed the AION mainet upgrade, and its wallet can be used to accept mining revenue.

2. Obtain Mining software

Currently, AION only supports to mine by NIVIDIA card under Linux, and minerOS is also available. Moreover, NIVIDIA card mining by Linux version’s mining software works as well.

Option 1. Mining by minerOS  

  • Using “minerOS tool”

(, to formulate a U disk (more than 16G space). The current version is 1.3.7.

  • Insert U disk into miners and start, then click on “login mineros system

through SSH” ( ), and execute the bellowing order, to update the system to the version 1.3.8.

Download the updating tool:

wget 2.Authorize the executional authority: chmod +x 3.Install fabric:  apt -y install fabric 4.Batch update (do not more than 5 miners):./ -- -H 192.168.x.1,192.168.x.2 -P updateSingle update:  ./ -- -H 192.168.x.1 -PSelf-update:   ./ -- -H -P update
  • After updating, setup a module of AION mining, choose F2Pool (or

customize: 6677), add AION main net wallet address and start mining, as below:

  • Mineros will list the total hashrate on the first GPU card due to the

current AION mining software not supporting to obtain the hashrate of each GPU card. Besides, the version before 1.3.7 cannot be updated but it can be reburned to update to 1.3.7 and then, follow the script update steps above.

Option 2: Mine by NIVIDIA under Linux

  • Miners with Linux system can obtain to get Smartminer mining

software in

  • Unzip and execute the following order:

./SmartMiner.v3.1 -l -cd 0 1 2 3 4 5 -u wallet_address.worker_name

-l    input the pool address,

-cd   input the GPU card No. needed to be configure the default number of GPU card is 6, if for other quantities, just add the related card No. ex: -cd 0 1 2 3 (4 cards), -cd 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7(8 cards)

-u    input the wallet address which is used to receive AION mining profits. If needed to add worker name, just customize your worker name behind your wallet address, separated by a dot “.”.

  • Execute these orders and start mining.

  • Or just input the orders to execute these steps, as below:

wget # download mining softwaretar -xvjf SmartMiner.v3.1.tar.bz2 # unzip the filecd SmartMiner.v3.1 echo "./SmartMiner.v3.1 -l -cd 0 1 2 3 4 5 -u walletaddress.workername > aionlog.txt 2>&1 &" > # execute from backstage, close the window, and continue miningchmod 777 ./ tail -f aionlog.txt # for the remote miner, check the log by this order.pgrep SmartMiner |xargs kill -s 9 # end the mining program

3. Miner & Profits Monitoring

Viewing F2Pool’s website: , click the searching ico on the right top of the page, input your AION wallet address that you configure to mine, click on “Go”, then your AION mining status and profits will be visible.